Parent Role In Teen Driving Safety!

Today’s generation is pretty fast, be it technological progression or driving…everything just zooms in their minds and hands. When it comes to such fast track mode at driving, it is threatening lives altogether. With reasons being the hormone by name “Teen Exuberance”, the youngsters at times go hay wire in their thoughts and actions.

As the proverb says, “As you sow…So you reap”! It implies exactly with the teens, hence it is primary responsibility of the parents and guardians to instill the right habits in the right age!

Co-relating this theme with the driving habits, as you notice that your teenager is anxious to drive your car, take out some time for him or her to guide them. This on-time mentoring can not only save your child’s life but as well safe guards the other road users.

Here are some handy tips for you to foster the sense of driving safety in your teen kids.

Enroll @ teen driving school

Enroll your teen at any of the teen driving schools. These schools impart the essential education on the concepts of driving safety & driving laws. These schools can be availed in two ways. One is of a traditional kind, secondly an online school. Which ever school you opt, you can be assured of your teen learning the safe driving habits along with earning his/her driving permit.

Drive away

Let your child become a “Road Savvy”! Give away your car to your teen and ask him/her drive, every time “you” want to go out. This emphasis on “You” meant for your mandatory presence in the passenger seat in the car. Let your teen drive away where ever possible but obviously with you beside him/her.

Parallel guidance

As quoted earlier, if you let your child drive your vehicle, your presence is of utmost importance as you are required to guide him/her parallelly during the drive. This simultaneous guidance by a parent has proven positive results with respect to teen driving. You can impart few driving tips you’ve learnt in your driving experiences. Hence forth, as you guys accompany your teen, make sure you elicit them the right ways in understandable ways.

Frequent, drive-alongs is the best way to keep track of a teen driver’s progress. Remember that the beginning years of driving are important in building strong and right driving habits, which can then lead to a lifetime of safe driving.

Patience is virtue

Err is human, and it’s quite apparent that your child may commit many mistakes while driving. Do remember the fact that he/she is not a professional in this and is very new for him/her to drive behind the wheel. It is very important to pay patience and never ever yell or scream for any misdemeanor at the instance. You can always explain after getting back home, so chill and be patient for their driving mistakes.

Befriend your teen

As gently and calmly as possible, discuss potential problems and solutions, dangers you encountered on the road and things to pay attention to in future trips. Continue to ride with your teen driver from time to time, reviewing safety tips and monitoring his driving skills. Remind your child frequently of the inherent dangers of operating a motor vehicle. Along these same lines, do review the day’s driving once you return home.

Watchful eye -companions

Did you know that more number of mishaps result when a teenager drives other teenagers than when he drives non teenagers. As a parent / guardian, you need to keep track of your child’s movements and the companions. Generally, when teens meet up, the energy & thrill levels boost up leading them to consume drugs and alcohol, other issues, such as speeding and failure to wear seatbelts are evident frequently. In order to rectify on these areas, it is better to be watchful of the company in which he/she is and accordingly take the soft and safety measures to tune them.

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