Vertical Doors: Must Have Car Accessory for Any Show Car

For the last few years, as I begun to walk around car shows, and check out the custom trucks and sport compacts, I have been noticing a lot of door mods. Especially with the way they physically open. There are four basic ways a door can open (and you thought there was just one, silly you!) Normal, Suicide Doors; backwards with hinges reversed. Vertical Doors (also known as Scissor Doors and Lambo Doors); which swing out then up, and Gullwing Doors; hinges at the roof.

I am a mini trucker by nature, so seeing suicide doors, that open backwards, is a natural thing. Lambo doors, or Vertical Doors, have exploded on the scene. Scissors doors, as they are also known, have been around for 30 years or so, on Lamborghini’s. But, nowadays you can find them on anything from a Caddilac Escalade to a Hyunidai Sonota. It seems that they have an appeal to everyone from young kids to the most hip grandpa. Woman seem to love them, guys especially love them, and there is a certain wow factor to these vertical doors that the judges seem to love.

Installing them is not for the faint at heart. They do have kits for just about any vehicle, but there are those rare occasions when a universal kit is your only option. When you decide to buy this kind of accessory you need to do a little research. Ask someone at a show that has them installed. Do a search on the web for a vehicle similar to yours with the Vertical Doors and email the owner. You could also visit a custom car shop in your area and talk to them.

If your handy with tools, and want to install them yourself, my only suggestion would be to purchase a quality kit. Buying off a web auction for $250.00 sounds great, until the door hinges fail and your door is laying on the ground. Ouch. The old saying “You get what you pay for!” is so true here. Spend the money for your Vertical Doors and get a quality kit that will last you year after year.

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