Weekly Car Rental – A Good Thing

If your travels take you to a strange city for an extended period of time, say a week or more, you must consider local transportation. Even if you are traveling for business and will be confined to a hotel/convention center perimeter for most of your stay you inevitably will have some time to yourself. Non business or sales based travel will allow for or even require more flexibility than public transportation can provide. A weekly car rental is an option well worth considering.

Cost saver

A weekly car rental is often cheaper than renting a car by the day. So much so that it may be a better option even if you won’t be using the car every day of your trip. Car rental companies don’t make money if their cars are sitting in their lot. They will offer much better deals to the customer who rents for the week rather than for the day.


Often time’s business travel entails a regimented trip that requires a lot of time be spent in one location. It is quite possible on these types of trips to avoid car rental all together and public transportation or taxi cabs may be just fine. Consider though the flexibility a car at your disposal will afford you. At the very least an earlier departure to the airport for the possibility to catch an earlier standby may be worth the money spent on the rental.


A car rented for a week is a car available when needed. It offers one the opportunity to be the designated driver to a networking dinner. Perhaps it will allow you to volunteer to take the busy client, whom you are desperately trying to sign, to the airport for a little more discussion time.


Even if you are not on a business trip a weekly car rental can be a huge boost to your vacation. Sometimes taking the family to a far away city seems like a great idea until you get there and realize that many of the cities attractions are not located anywhere near each other. Some cities like Los Angeles are designed around the automobile and not the pedestrian.

An alternative to flying

Renting a car for a week can also be an alternative to flying. Airlines bump us and raise fares and cancel flights with little or no notice. Sometimes a car would be a legitimate alternative to making a trip happen that otherwise would have to be canceled.

An alternative to the ordinary

A weekly car rental can be utilized right where you live. Why settle for the ordinary when for a week you can drive a high end sports car that to own, would be impossible to afford? Perhaps beautiful fall weather calls for a convertible. Or maybe you need to do some hauling and a pickup truck would suit the bill, but you really only want one for a short period of time. Car rental companies offer us options to make our lives easier.

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