You Need to Check Car Rental Prices For Being Reasonable and Transparent

Before you contemplate on renting a car, even if you have already done so before, you always have to conduct research all over again by checking the prices of the different companies dealing in this trade. In fact, if you are a person who rents cars regularly, you ought to have a record, probably an excel file, which reflects the car rental prices of the companies whom you know to be reliable in this field.

Fortunately, there are some solid points available for comparing which car rental prices are more reasonable than others. In an excel file, you can put in columns for all those factors. Begin with the name or model of the car in the first column. The next column should be the name of the company you are renting it from. The third column might be the regular daily rental rate for the car. In the next column you could specify the length of time the car is to be used and in the next column, the total actual price you are getting the car. For miscellaneous fees, you could add two or three more columns.

To interpret your excel car rental prices table, you should know that the discount you are getting is [standard daily rental rate x length of time] – [total actual price/ length of time]. If that result is close to 0 then there is no discount.

By updating your excel file every time you need to rent a car, you shouldn’t have difficulty telling the real discounted prices from the false ones. Furthermore, you should be able to calculate which company is actually giving you the lowest car rental prices transparently.

As the last column of your excel table, you should add a comment regarding the kind of equipment and service you got from the car rental outfit. This will serve to remind you if poor equipment and/or service was included in the discount.

The point of the excel file is to put you on your guard against two kinds of low-price scams in car rental prices. Some outfits will quote very low car rental prices and then bleed you dry with all the miscellaneous expenses they did not inform you about when you rented with them. Others will indeed be transparent about the affordability of their prices but may deliver the car at night so that you wont see any damage that may already be present. By the time you need to return the car, the company will probably ask you to pay for those damages. Others will recoup their losses by giving you very poor service.

What you should do as a responsible customer, should be to point blank assert that you will not pay for any charges that were not mentioned so they better come out with them. Additionally you have to request for a complete visual inspection and a test drive of the car, both done out in daylight, before you actually sign any papers.

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